A green outline map of North America with fifteen teams marked, each with a dot and a label in a color that corresponds to their cohort. Four of them are in the 2019 cohort, five in the 2022 cohort, and six in the 2024 cohort.

The most effective conversations about climate interpretation and education are happening at regional scales.

Earth to Sky is excited to announce the selection of six new regional teams. The teams will receive specialized training to develop Earth to Sky climate communication courses to support interpreters and informal educators in their regions.

The teams were chosen through a competitive selection process.  Spanning the country, the new teams represent several federal and state agencies, parks at state and metropolitan levels, colleges, and nature centers. Collectively, the 29 incoming regional leaders have enormous experience in place-based interpretation and education, Earth science, developing trainings, and building community. They also bring experience from journalism and innovative nonprofits that promote access to outdoor spaces, youth engagement, local food, and wellness. They join a community of regional leaders, now fifteen teams strong, which will be enriched by their expertise.

Half a dozen adults seated in a bright meeting area look toward the front of the room while smiling. The woman in the center of the photo wears a NASA sweatshirt.

Regional leaders receiving training during the 2022 Earth to Sky Academy.

The teams will travel to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in November 2024 for the Earth to Sky Academy, a week of training in NASA climate science, communication techniques, and Earth to Sky methodology.  After completing the Academy, each team will offer one or more climate communication courses tailored to the specific needs in their region, while serving as a resource and focal point for their community of interpreters and informal educators on an ongoing basis.

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