Land-Surface-Temp-Anomaly2013-04There have been a series of news articles lately, with headlines similar to this, that may be misleading the public or at a minimum confusing the issue. Knowing that those of you in the field may be getting questions, here is a little info, and some links for those who would like to explore more.

Obama-State-of-Union-2013President Barack Obama annouced his administration's plans for reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change on June 25, 2013.

The plans are comprised of a series of executive orders, that do not require congressional approval. Agencies affected include EPA, Department of Interior, NOAA and NASA.  These documents were released on the day of his speech on climate at Georgetown University. View the President's speech.


You may download the plans here.



A new draft of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) is available for reading and for public comment (until April 12, 2013) at

We will post the final NCA when it becomes available.