This resource alert is courtesy of ETS member Eric Schrading:

For those who have not already seen it, a report recently issued by the Pacific West Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) provides an extensive and useful synthesis of scientific literature from 250 or so documents (including publications as recent as October 2013) related to ongoing and projected changes in climate and effects, as well as information on climate adaptation approaches.

Although focused on terrestrial species, habitats, and ecosystems in the Pacific northwest, there's quite a bit of information that is applicable everywhere. It's organized by topic areas, with sections for each that provide a synthesis about the situation, observed trends, future projections, and information gaps. Just looking through the table of contents is food for thought about the types of things to consider in various analyses and conservation planning efforts involving terrestrial situations at any location.  There's also an appendix that is a primer on climate modeling and the "SRES" scenarios used for most of the climate modeling for the past several years, plus a bibliography.  The report was reviewed by climate change scientists and subject-matter experts with the U.S. Forest Service and University of Washington.