If you are not already a member of the CLEAN network, you may want to consider joining. CLEAN provides a wonderful set of well-reviewed educational resources aimed at classroom educators for Grades 6-16. They’ve just added 80 new resources, so if you have not visited recently you may want to have another look.

  • The CLEAN search engine directs you to online activities, videos, and visualizations on climate and energy that are searchable by grade level, topic, and resource type. These resources have been reviewed by scientists and educators for accuracy and classroom effectiveness.  The reviews will provide you extra insight and guidance on using these materials.
  • The CLEAN guidance on teaching climate and energy science provides a set of essential principles to frame the science and inform your teaching strategies. Learn more about these scientific principles, why they are important and challenging to teach, strategies for teaching age groups, and get directed to relevant activities, videos, and visualizations for each principle.