Where: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Greenbelt, MD   
When:  Postponed due to COVID

A tuition-free course for interpreters, informal educators, and science communicators interested in creating and nurturing regional communities of practice focused on improving climate science communication.

Lori Perkins describes colorful NASA visualizations at the Goddard Space Flight Center hyperwall

The Earth to Sky Academy is intended for experienced informal educators and climate communication leaders who have a strong commitment to the ETS partnership and to furthering climate literacy within their respective regions.

The purpose of the Academy is to train Regional Leaders who will conduct regional Earth to Sky courses and nurture their own Earth to Sky Regional Community of Practice. Academy content is based on over 15 years of experience and extensive evaluation of the ETS model. Participants will be supported every step of the way, before during and after the course.

Earth to Sky is developing Regional Communities of Practice in Climate Communication, each of which is led by Regional Leadership Teams trained and mentored by the partnership's Central Leadership. This is in support of our community's interest in a regional approach for climate communication. Our goals are to expand and deepen the impact of our partnership and strengthen our national community of practice.

ETS Region ApproachA regional approach enables Earth to Sky to

    • Provide ETS climate training near to participants’ workplace
    • Provide greater focus on locally relevant content
    • Give stronger support to the ETS community
    • Empower local climate leaders
    • Provide more frequent training across the country
    • Train more people

Regional Leadership Teams

    • Are trained and mentored by Earth to Sky Leadership
    • Conduct regional ETS courses in climate science and communication
    • Nurture and sustain their own regional communities of practice
    • Are supported by ETS Leadership and each other

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Earth to Sky is partnering with the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM Research Reserve) to provide a two-day pre-conference virtual workshop, November 5-6, 2020. The workshop is offered in association with the National Association for Interpretation 's annual conference.

Registration deadline: 11/01/2020

The highly interactive workshop will emphasize experiential learning in a collegial, resource-rich environment with peers and scientists.

Together we willroseate spoonbill spreading wings in tree diplaying peppermint pink feathers

  • Explore the science and interpretation of global climate change through the lens of local examples drawn at the GTM Research Reserve
  • Hear from scientists, up to date credible information about our planet’s climate system and how human activity is resulting in global warming
  • Learn about and sample selected NASA visual resources and hands-on activities for interpreters
  • Take a virtual field trip to learn about research on climate-driven changes at the GTM Research Reserve
  • Explore effective interpretive strategies and techniques for communicating climate change in a hopeful way
  • Exchange ideas about how to apply workshop content in interpretive efforts
  • Begin developing the seed of a climate interpretation program/product

Participants will leave with a beginning plan for interpreting climate change in their own work location, armed with an abundance of NASA and NPS resources for climate change communication.

Registration for the full conference is not required in order to register for the pre-conference workshop.
However membership in NAI is required.

Workshop fee $35.

Find out more and register here:


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