Earth to Sky is developing Regional Communities of Practice in Climate Communication, each of which is led by Regional Leadership Teams trained and mentored by the partnership's Central Leadership. This is in support of our community's interest in a regional approach for climate communication. Our goals are to expand and deepen the impact of our partnership and strengthen our national community of practice.

ETS Region ApproachA regional approach enables Earth to Sky to

    • Provide ETS climate training near to participants’ workplace
    • Provide greater focus on locally relevant content
    • Give stronger support to the ETS community
    • Empower local climate leaders
    • Provide more frequent training across the country
    • Train more people

Regional Leadership Teams

    • Are trained and mentored by Earth to Sky Leadership
    • Conduct regional ETS courses in climate science and communication
    • Nurture and sustain their own regional communities of practice
    • Are supported by ETS Leadership and each other

The ETS Academy Trains Earth to Sky Regional Leaders

Regional Leadership Teams receive training at the Earth to Sky Academy, a tuition-free 5-day course held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The content is based on over 15 years of experience and extensive evaluation of the ETS model. These teams then conduct regional Earth to Sky courses and nurture their regional community of practice of climate communicators. They also receive ongoing mentorship and support from the ETS Central Leadership and each other.

The first Academy was held October 21–25, 2019.  Four teams attended and are now preparing and offering their regional courses.

Meet the first four Earth to Sky Regional Teams! 

Pictures of each of the 4 regional teams, keyed to a greyed out map of the United States

  • Team Coastal Alaska
    • Laura Buchheit (NPS), Rick Fritsch (NOAA), Jamie Hart (NPS), Laurie Lamm (USFS)
    • Supporting interpreters and informal educators in southeast and south-central Alaska
  • Team Idaho
    • Kayla Bordelon (University of Idaho), Jamie Esler (Couer d’Alene Schools), Augie Gabrielli (City of Boise), Jenny Wolf (City of Boise)
    • Supporting teachers and informal educators in Idaho
  • Team South Central CASC
    • April Taylor (Chickasaw Nation), Emma Kuster (Oklahoma University)
    • Supporting tribal educators and DOI staff in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana
  • Team Upper Delaware River Watershed
    • Mary Anne Carletta (Emerita, Georgetown College, KY), Don Hamilton (NPS), Stephen Moulton (Himalayan Institute), Carol Roig (Sullivan County), Stephen Schwartz (Consultant)
    • Supporting informal educators, economic drivers, and policy-makers whose communities flank the Upper Delaware River in Pennsylvania and New York

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