A crystal blue lake, forested hills, and a cloud-spotted blue sky.


Sparking Local Climate Change Conversations

in Central Idaho

November 7-9, 2023

McCall, Idaho

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Earth to Sky Idaho is hosting our second climate communication workshop in McCall, Idaho. During three days in Ponderosa State Park, formal and informal educators will be exposed to innovative pedagogy and techniques for framing climate change. Educators will focus on the science of wildfire in the context of global environmental change. Joined by fire ecologists, land managers, and local professors, we will explore:

  • The connections between global climate changes and Idahoans
  • The ecological and cultural shifts contributing to changing fire regimes in Idaho
  • Ways to overcome barriers to effective climate change communication
  • Demographics on Idahoans’ climate change opinions
  • Effective use of storytelling to connect diverse audiences to science concepts

With a recognition that learning is most productive when applied, participants will have time every day to start putting new ideas into practice. With feedback from NASA coaches and peers in the workshop, participants will create a climate outreach product to bring back to their educational institution.

The ETS Idaho team coordinators have diverse experience in environmental education, with years of experience as naturalists, national park interpreters, outdoor school instructors, backcountry guides, and science communicators. We will spend a day in Ponderosa State Park modeling how outdoor field experiences can effectively connect your participants to climate science.

Lodging and food are provided. Stipends for eligible informal educators are available, and 2 Professional Development credits are available for formal educators.

Interested in learning more? Contact "bw @" with the subject “Ignite Workshop."


Want to know what our past participants thought?

“I loved participating in the hands-on activities. Presentations can be hard to sit through, no matter how interesting they are. When I'm working with students, I know that they sit through lots of presentations, and I find the real value is in engaging them. So, I loved learning new ways to do that and plan on incorporating many of the activities from this workshop into our curriculum!”

“(I most valued)…the lessons and thinking about incorporating new ways of learning using emotional learning and storytelling. I found the activities we did to be so wonderful and plan on using all of them. I feel like I have new ways to help my students access topics that can be difficult...”

“This workshop seamlessly incorporated emotions with science. I've never thought to do that, and I can now see the value, and the possibilities.”

“I leave feeling refreshed on how to communicate, teach, share climate knowledge in an accessible way”


Image: The view from Osprey Point at Ponderosa State Park. Photo Credit: Idaho Parks and Recreation.