Interpreting Eclipses: Hands-On Eclipse Engagement
Theresa Summer
Astronomical Society of the Pacific

 Theresa has been in astronomy education since 1998. She shares astronomy with everyone she meets while working in planetariums, museums, classrooms, tutoring, and observing events for the general public.

At the Astronomical Society of the Pacific since 2016, she develops and assists in programs to spread astronomy and science literacy around the globe. She was part of GS Stars, the team that produced the Girl Scout Space Science badges. She is the creator of the “Confidence & Curiosity: Girls at the Telescope” workshop and was instrumental in the creation of the “Confidence & Curiosity' video series.

In addition to her work with the International Observe the Moon Night team, she is currently working to bring diverse undergraduates into public engagement through the Eclipse Ambassadors program as well as developing astronomy activities with the blind and visually impaired communities with the Big Astronomy project.

With a special focus on social justice and increasing opportunities for marginalized voices, Theresa’s secret mission in life is to welcome all to science. Science is for everyone, and is an important part of being an active citizen in today’s world.

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