Invisible Colors: Tracking Change on Earth
Climate In Your Pocket Webinars
Mike Taylor
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

How do scientists know what they know? How do we know that glaciers are receding, fires are larger or hotter, insect infestations are vast, ecosystems are shifting…? This webinar explores one tool that gives scientists the ability to see beyond our human range of vision, revealing changes we cannot see with the naked eye and providing insights we did not have just 50 years ago. Landsat’s Mike Taylor will take us behind the scenes to explain what spectral signatures and false color satellite imagery can tell us about our world, and why seeing beyond the visible light spectrum is so critical to understanding and responding to climate change.

Links shared during the webinar:

View a step-by-step guide to creating your own Landsat image using any bands (some photo editing savvy required). If you'd like to see how false color images might be used to tell stories of change for your site, please reach out!

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