Telling Stories with Landsat: Make a Landsat GIF!
Climate In Your Pocket Webinars
Peder Nelson
Oregon State University; NASA GLOBE Observer

Telling stories of change over time is a key element of interpretation – especially climate change interpretation. Landsat satellite imagery can be used to vividly illustrate stories of fires, floods, forest regeneration, development, and other landscape-level shifts over decades. Peder Nelson guides us through tools to access Landsat satellite observations that have been foundational to tracking the dynamic Earth with digital imagery, and create animated GIFs illustrating change.

Peder Nelson, M.S., is the Land Cover science lead for GLOBE Observer, the app of the GLOBE Program. In addition, he is an Instructor of Geography and Geospatial Science and researcher in the Environmental Monitoring, Analysis, and Process Recognition (eMapR) Lab in the College of Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. With a background in environmental education, biological sciences, and land management, he uses remote sensing and geographic information systems to create maps and data that show people what is happening on planet Earth, particularly changes that can be seen from space. Twitter: @pedervnelson.

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