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Training Events

Eclipse 2017

January 24 - March 23, 2017 at Archived Webinar Series

Archived Webinar Series

Through eight interactive sessions, the Earth to Sky Interpreting the Eclipse Webinar Series provided opportunities for interpreters and other informal educators to learn from NASA experts, gain access to a variety of eclipse-related hands-on activities and NASA eclipse resources, and explore ideas for interpreting the eclipse, including ways to tie this amazing celestial event to natural and cultural themes at your site.

Explore! Marvel Moon

March 27, 2014 - November 30, -0001

Watch this free webinar to learn about hands-on activities you can use with families and youth, and access the many wonderful associated materials and resources. This webinar will help you to Explore how the Moon’s story is tied to the story of your site, and consider the personal, cultural, and scientific connections your audiences have with the Moon.

A View From Space: Creating Stunning Images Using Landsat

April 8 - 15, 2013 at Webinar Series

This series of three webinars will help you to understand “true color” and “false color” images and how you might use them in your work; teach you how to create images of your own location or other area of interest; and provide an opportunity to share ways you plan to use such images in your own work.

Venus Transit/Solar Eclipse (May 2012)

March 22 - May 3, 2012 at Webinar Series

Lou Mayo and Carolyn Ng of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center provides insight into the spectacular May 20th Annular Eclipse and the June 5th Transit of Venus. Jeffrey Olson of the National Park Service Communications Office in Washington shares NPS plans for park visitors.

Earth to Sky I

October 22 - 22, 2004 at Goddard Space Flight Center, and one at Ames Research Center

NASA scientists and education specialists collaborated with NPS trainers to infuse NASA content, resources, and programs into professional development for Park Service interpreters. Rangers explored NASA's cutting-edge science, by visiting NASA Centers and interacting with many scientists and education professionals working there. NASA provided content about the Night Sky, Comparative Planetology, Astrobiology, the Sun-Earth Connection/Space Weather and Earth Systems Science.