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training photos 50 20120725 1994543084ETS-MAP-smClick to enlarge.Earth to Sky professional development events began in 2004. Since 2008 the effort has focused primarily on climate change science and communication. We have conducted several week-long face to face workshops and courses, sessions at the National Association for Interpretation, and a series of webinars. We also host archives of the National Park Service’s Climate Change Response Program webinar series.

Membership is free and open to anyone interested in science communication.


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  • Past webinars and course presentations about the science of Climate Change, our Sun, our Solar System, Comparative Planetary Geology and more
  • Webinars and presentations about effective science communication
  • Examples of participants’ projects (such as interpretive exhibits, peer training powerpoints, podcasts, and outlines for youth programs)
  • Community forum

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