Informal online conversations among interested participants - no mask required!

Topic of discussion: The intersection of current social issues and climate change. We are contemplating ways all of us in the Earth to Sky community can become more inclusive in our work, and seek to view our work from new and diverse perspectives. Our conversations to date have taken us through a variety of themes relating to the pandemic and its impacts, the influences of social and racial injustice and their various protest activities, and to the implications of communicating about climate change during times of such universal uncertainty.

We're talking this month about your best ideas and suggestions for Climate Solutions - whatever resources and strategies you're most interested in talking about for how Society might respond effectively to changing climate. We're also using a Google Spreadsheet - that we can all access and add items to - with specific examples and tools for all of us to use and reinforce with our audiences. Here's the link to that:

This isn't a webinar - it's a dialogue, with breakout groups so everyone will have a good chance to participate - and you don't have to wear a mask! Each time the discussion questions are a bit different, and are posted here and via the ETS Listserv.  The Chat series is being held once every two weeks.
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Next Virtual Chat

May 18, 2021 at 3:00 pm ET

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We are using the WebEx meeting platform. It works best to pre-load and use the application version of the program on your computer, rather than to connect via the browser. Here's a direct link to the WebEx site for making this download - it takes only a few minutes.

As you will also see, there will be dial-in numbers to use if you need to connect by phone for the audio; these lines are integrated with the platform and are not toll-free. Use them for your audio if internet bandwidth is not available, or problematic. The phone numbers and access codes will be sent to you automatically when you register using the link above.

To reduce any worries, we'll plan to set up a half hour early if you'd like to connect in advance of the Tuesday Chat, to troubleshoot your computer and software configuration prior to the event.