Interpreting Eclipses

Wherever you work within the United States, experiencing the upcoming annular and total solar eclipses can form lifelong memories in the hearts and minds of site visitors. A partial solar eclipse will be visible anywhere within the contiguous US. If you are fortunate enough to be close to the path of totality for either eclipse, expect your visitation to rise significantly. Whether partial, annular or total eclipse will pass your way, we are here to help you prepare.

Explore resources related to the 2023 and 2024 eclipses using the links above. For additional resources, dive deep into the resources from the 2017 total solar eclipse and recorded webinars. You can also explore NASA's eclipse website.

Please contact the ETS eclipse coordinator, Crystal White, for more information about how Earth to Sky can support your eclipse planning efforts.


Interpreting the Eclipses: Recorded Webinars

Coming soon: Eclipse interpretation resources, including mini-webinars on heliophysics, lunar science, and eclipse science, as well as pathways of connection using interpretive techniques to connect visitors to the event happening at your site.