Interpreting Eclipses: Eclipse Safety and Tips
Carolyn Ng
NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team

Carolyn Ng is a member of the NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team (NASA HEAT) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and is supporting NASA's activities and resources for the upcoming solar eclipses.  With a background in physics and geophysics, she has been supporting NASA space and Earth Science mission data management, informal STEM education, and public outreach.  She formed partnerships with the City University of New York and Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School on professional development and student internships.  She also led the Space Weather Living History project as the Principal Investigator. Prior to NASA HEAT, she has co-led the Sun-Earth Day program and the 2012 Transit of Venus outreach that brought space science content to many educators, museums, parks and the general public.

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