Earth as a System: A Context for Climate Training Module
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Geneviève de Messières
Earth to Sky

Join us for an interactive exploration of an online learning module developed by the Earth to Sky team. We showcased what is new in the redesigned module. We used examples of systems from participants’ own lives to discuss what Earth Systems Science means. Together, we interactively investigated how matter and energy flow between systems in landscape scenes.

View the Earth Systems Science Module

The "Earth as a System: A Context for Climate" module is available under our Training menu, with no log-in required. The module was only recently redesigned. If you have feedback for us on how to improve it, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Join the interactive Mural whiteboard! It will be available for a few weeks. Learn more about systems by adding sticky notes to the systems contributed by attendees. Draw on images of participants' sites to explore the spheres of the Earth system and how energy flows and matter cycles within and between the spheres. Add your own images to get insight from your peers about interactivity at your site.

Geneviève de Messières is the lead of the Earth to Sky Interagency Partnership.

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