Climate Cast Series

Scientists predict that climate change will exacerbate many current environmental problems, making them harder to solve. Increased temperatures and rainfall may aid the spread of invasive species and invasive pathogens. Phytophthora ramorum, which causes Sudden Oak Death in tanoak and oak tree species, is one of these pathogens that may become more widespread and harder to control as the climate changes.

In this episode, we speak with UC Berkeley Professor Matteo Garbolotto and fire ecologist Allison Forrestel to understand the dangers of this spreading disease. As more oaks die, the dead trees become fuel load for potential forest fires in the area. We also discuss actions that can be taken by the everyday person to prevent the spread of SOD through the California forests.


Climate Change and Sudden Oak Death: (direct download, 2.46 Mb)

Transcript: Climate Change and Sudden Oak Death  (pdf)