Climate Change:

Fitting the Pieces Together

UNIT 1 - Introduction

Climate change stories are in the news every day. So what's this course all about?

UNIT 2 - What Changes Climate?

From the whirling of Earth to the combustion chambers of a V-8 engine, a look at what influences Earth's climate. Plus, climate highlights of a few hundred million years of Earth's history.

UNIT 3 - Is It Real?

Warming air and oceans, beetle-ridden trees, and thawing glaciers are sending a message. This unit examines the evidence for change and what and what we know about its probable cause.

UNIT 4 - How Do We Know?

From old-fashioned thermometers to computers running mind-bending mathematical models, this is how we know what's happening now, and what's likely to in the future.

UNIT 5 - Why Should We Care?

Why a few degrees warming should make us sit up and take notice, and why most of us in the U.S. may see first effects of climate change in our mailboxes.

UNIT 6 - How Sure Are Scientists?

Learn about the buzzwords that describe the IPCC scientists' level of certainty about current and future climate changes. Also, a look at what climate scientists really think.

UNIT 7 - What Next?

Don't panic, but don't get complacent either. Here's what we as a society and as individuals can do, as well as how climate science is progressing.


Frequently-asked questions about climate change, the IPCC, and more.

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